Spaghetti Chow Mein

A Chinese friend of mine gave me spaghetti in a chow mein because she only had egg noodles in.  It worked very well, so I often copy her idea if I don’t have any vegan noodles.  Of course, you can use any vegetables you wish, but here’s a frugal one for those slim wallet days, using a 20p pack of spaghetti.



1 red pepper, chopped

1 bunch of spring onions, sliced

500g chestnut mushrooms

1 bag bean sprouts

340g spaghetti

1 tbs vegan Worcestershire sauce

2 tsp cornflour

2 tbs soy sauce

2 cloves garlic

1 tsp sugar

1 tbs olive oil


  1. Mix together vigorously the cornflour, soy sauce, garlic, sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Pour over the mushrooms and set aside for half an hour (or the night before if you wish). Boil the spaghetti for one minute less than the packet instructions advise.
  2. Lightly fry the spring onions for two minutes in the wok, followed by the red pepper for another two minutes, then finally add the mushrooms in their marinade and stir fry until they are tender but firm.
  3. Add the spaghetti and the bean sprouts, and heat until the bean sprouts are cooked but retain some crunch; this should only take about a minute. 

If you have sugar and oil in the house, you can do this for around £5.28, based on an ASDA shop using the cheapest versions available.



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